There’s a big blank space…

Sometimes u stuck in moments, in those which u don’t like at all nonetheless u can’t get out of it. Those moments when it feels like your life is taking revenge from you and u don’t understand why! You’d probably say that’s how one pays off to karma! This judgment is the first that comes up every time but never tends to be a relief as it bring you down further when you start to feel guilty about yourself and puts you against your conscious in a court of which only votes to condemn. “You’ll be alright!” Would be your only prescription you may get from others, or may just repeat it to yourself hence to get a good night sleep after all. all of us had definitely experienced those moments… you are certainly familiar with the time when nothing goes right for you, none of your plans work out, and the cursed black cloud never stops raining. You become frustrated, irritated hopeless and somehow broken… Soon you will start asking yourself, when will this nightmare end?! Then you close your eyes and imagine yourself laying beside someone you love to be with, gazing at her eyes and talking to her saying how much you missed her. Next morning you open your eyes and see that you’re smile again…


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